Benefits Of Using Dumpster Rentals

Keeping the environment clean of waste is a concept the world has had trouble keeping up with. Improving our environment doesn’t have to be a complex concept nor does it have to involve excess spending or funding. There are a few steps that we need to take to ensure a safe environment for future generations. One of these major steps involves recycling materials and disposing of hazardous materials in the correct fashion. Commercial companies or families planning to move often spend a fortune when it comes to weekly trash pick-up or disposal fees. One way around this expensive disposal is through the use of dumpster rentals. Below we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of using¬†¬†such a service to dispose of your waste.

Dumpster Rental

Financial Burden of Recycling

The average cost of disposing of trash by yourself can amount to anywhere from $500-$1,000 on a yearly basis. This factors in the cost of correctly disposing of materials, any transportation fees, and any travel fees. This is a rather costly venture that takes away from your time and your pocket book. The average rental price of a dumpster costs around $100-$200 and ranges anywhere from 10 yards-30 yards in space. The pick-up fee for the dumpster can range from $30-$100, so on the high-end the customer would spend around $300 for this transaction. A hefty savings is clearly shown, but another cost that can’t accurately be calculated is the amount of time you’ll save when renting a dumpster.

A second perk to going this route is not having to sort the materials you are disposing of. Most dumpsters will allow the disposal of anything from plastic to heavy metal objects such as washers and refrigerators. Disposal of these household items at a local junk yard can cost anywhere from $10-$50 depending on location. Dumpster rentals are a cost-effective way for you to dispose of your trash correctly as the materials are sorted by the company renting the dumpster at a later point in time. You are still doing your part to improve the environment and saving money in the process.

Dumpster Rental For Large Jobs

Large Jobs

Are you renovating a room in your house? Cleaning out the garage? Working a job site that requires a large accumulation of waste? Rent a dumpster. The amount of money you save when doing so again becomes a telling sign as to why you should travel this route. Disposal of items that come from your house may involve costly charges due to the age of the materials, the size of the materials, or the kind of materials you have to dispose of.

Combining all of your items into a dumpster saves you the hassle of having to sort through these materials and having to take them to separate locations. This is especially costly if you are remodeling an old building/house. Most aged households are composed of materials that require disposal via expensive fashion. More times then not you’ll have to call in a hazardous materials handling team to assess your waste and then quote you for the amount it will cost to dispose of these materials. The money adds up quickly and can reach prices into the thousands of dollars. Save yourself the money and hassle and rent a dumpster.